Overcoming the Jezebel of Plano

Posted December 24, 2007

In July 1981, God revealed to me that the ruling spirit of Plano was the jezebel. In September 1984, Patti yielded to a voice that told her to lay hands on Debbie Edge and say be filled with the Holy Ghost. At that moment, a spirit broke out at Water of Life, that I now believe was the ruling spirit of Plano, the jezebel.


In February 1992, I went on television in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was not long there after that I could see the jezebel spirit in Tulsa, manifesting itself through God's people. I on more than one occasion said, Tulsa, Oklahoma was the seat of the jezebel spirit among the Charismatic's.


In January 2004, my television program aired where I said, by the Spirit of God, that the power of darkness was going to hit Water of Life Ministries. By September 2004, it was clear to me that many people had yielded their members to the jezebel spirit. In November of that year, Dena Schlosser cut the arms off of her infant daughter. The power of darkness, which was the jezebel, continued to take people over who were associated with my ministry.


In February or March 2005, I met this spirit while I was praying in my house. This spirit was yelling at me, and telling me that Lisa was not my wife and that I should not give her anymore money. That day I said to this spirit, I don't care if you are Jesus Christ, or an angel from heaven, or the devil himself, I don't have to ask you if I want to give my wife some money. I still laugh at what that spirit did. With those words, that spirit just fell over and went away from me. Those words had such power it knocked that spirit over, and I have not seen it since.


On September 9, 2005, I awoke and my head, neck, and shoulders were numb. I continued to praise God and overcome, and by the 11th of September, I was convinced I had overcome the ruling spirit of Plano (jezebel). During October, November, and December of 2005, I experienced strange manifestations in my body, as I was overcoming that spirit.


In January 2006, I posted on the Internet a testimony from Psalm 55 of what that spirit had done to me.


On February 13, 2006, the Schlosser trial began in McKinney, and on the 16th I was on the witness stand for approximately one and a half hours, and a writer with the Plano Star Courier characterized me in an article like this, "Davidson at 73, was a dominant presence in that court room, with his gravely voice and scriptural references." It was obvious to me that I was overcoming the jezebel of Plano.


On April 10, 2006, Terry Mai and myself started delivering Terre Brown and finished on April 20th.

I continued to overcome the jezebel, and we have watched many people in 2007 delivered from the jezebel spirit at Water of Life.


Today, God has brought me to a place of fighting with this spirit to confessing Jesus Christ is Lord of the jezebel. Thank God for the victories that I have won in the Spirit, and we continue to see people at Water of Life overcome this spirit daily.



God bless you,


Doyle Davidson



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