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Song Title Artist(s) Length
*The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power* Paul Peters 4:05
Adoration Water of Life Boys 4:38
I Am Water of Life Boys 4:02
Rise and Be Healed Water of Life Boys 3:21
I Am, You Said to Me Water of Life Boys 4:35
There Stood a Lamb Water of Life Boys 5:25
O Come Let Us Sing Water of Life Boys 3:59
Only the Redeemed Water of Life Boys 4:29
I Saw the Lord Water of Life Boys 4:24
It Is Finished Water of Life Boys 2:44
Rise Again Water of Life Boys 5:18
El Shaddai Water of Life Boys 4:17
Baruch Hashem Adonai Water of Life Boys 4:23
I Am the Messiah Water of Life Boys 3:50
I Shall Not be Moved Water of Life Sweet Sixteen 3:29
I Proclaim the Name Water of Life Sweet Sixteen 5:06
God Sacrificed the Lamb Water of Life Sweet Sixteen 3:22
Our Father Terry Mai 4:53
Jesus Lord to Me Terry & Kathy Mai 4:24
More Than Wonderful Terry & Kathy Mai 5:49
Isaiah 53 Terry & Kathy Mai 4:38
Come Let Us Worship the King Terry & Kathy Mai 3:11
I've Just Seen Jesus Terry & Kathy Mai 5:41
Wash Me in the Water Terry & Kathy Mai 3:59
Mansion Over the Hilltop Glenda Schoen 3:37
What a Day Glenda Schoen 2:26
Just a Closer Walk With Thee Glenda Schoen 2:29
What a Healing Jesus Kathy Mai 5:14
Was It a Morning Kathy Mai 3:15
Behold the Lamb Kathy Mai 4:28
Holy Ground Kathy Mai 4:50
In the Name of the Lord Kathy Mai 4:52
Surely the Presence Kathy Mai 4:04
They Could Not Kathy Mai 5:12
Great in Power Mai Girls 2:58 
Rejoice For the Steps Mai Girls 3:32
Bless the Lord Mai Girls 4:18
No Other Name Mai Girls 6:07
Jesus Messiah Mai Girls 4:24
It Is Your Love Mai Girls 5:31
To Him Who Sits on the Throne Mai Girls 3:16
Come Now is the Time/Here I am to Worship Mai Girls 8:51
Horse and the Rider Medley Mai Girls 10:45
War Songs Mai Girls 9:28
How Great is Our God Mai Girls 5:05
Our God Reigns Mai Girls 4:37
Hosanna/Arise and Sing/You Are High Mai Girls 9:37
God Bless America/America the Beautiful Mai Girls 7:48
Through It All Mai Girls 3:56
Surely Goodness and Mercy Mai Girls 4:56
On Christ The Solid Rock Mai Girls 3:22
Create In Me a Clean Heart/Bless the Lord Mai Girls 6:55
It Is You/ You Are High Mai Girls 8:55
Sometimes Alleluia Mai Girls 4:20
Here I Am to Worship Mai Girls 5:08
More Than Conquerors Mai Girls 4:22
This Is My Desire Mai Girls 4:01
Sing of Your Great Love Mai Girls 5:12
We Shall Be Satisfied Mai Girls 5:20
There Is A River Mai Girls 5:44
Blessed Assurance Mai Girls 4:15
Victory in Jesus Mai Girls 4:04
Truth of His Word Mai Girls 4:28
Fishers of Men Mai Girls 2:44
Man From Nazareth Mai Girls 4:53
It Is Well Mai Girls 4:52
Trees of Righteousness Mai Girls 9:39
Because He Lives/It Is Your Love/He Is Exalted Mai Girls 11:37
We Worship/I Proclaim/There is Joy Mai Girls 9:38
He Giveth More Grace Terre Brown 4:35 
He Paid a Debt Terre Brown 3:44 
It Is No Secret Terre Brown 4:34 
I Have Returned Terre Brown 5:02 
Old Rugged Cross Terre Brown 4:12
Who Am I? Terre Brown 3:01
One Day At a Time Terre Brown 3:52 
One Day At a Time - Instrumental Terre Brown 3:52 
That's What the Cross is For Terre Brown 2:47 
God on the Mountain Terre Brown 4:29 
Just As I Am Terre and the Browns 4:05
Washed in the Blood/I'll Fly Away Terre and the Browns 3:24
Peace in the Valley Terre and the Browns 3:27
Amazing Grace Terre and the Browns 4:19
Jesus Hold My Hand Terre and the Browns 5:04 
Praise the Lord Terre and the Browns 3:18
Worthy the Lamb Terre and the Browns 5:06 
Looking For a City Terre and the Browns 2:44 
At Calvary Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 4:03
Alpha and Omega Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 4:30
Family of God Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 4:14
Our God Reigns Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 5:30
I Proclaim the Name - Instrumental Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 5:20
O How I Love Jesus Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 4:08
Holy Highway Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 3:39 
God on the Mountain Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters 7:43 
Somebody Touched Me The Brown Brothers 3:29 
Eternal River The Brown Brothers 3:42 
Sojourner The Brown Brothers 3:24 
Grace to the Humble The Brown Brothers 4:13 
I Thirst The Brown Brothers 3:33 
My Country Tis of Thee The Brown Brothers 2:38 
Fourth Man Water of Life Quartet 2:25
Led Out of Bondage Water of Life Quartet 3:17
Just a Little Talk With Jesus Water of Life Quartet 3:00
I've Been to Calvary Water of Life Quartet 2:51 
Washed in the Blood Water of Life Quartet 3:20 
O How I Love Jesus Water of Life Quartet 3:12 
I'd Rather Have Jesus Paul Peters 4:01
Standing on the Promises of God Paul Peters 2:50
If That Isn't Love Paul Peters 4:12
Walk With Me Paul Peters 3:55
Jesus Paid It All Paul Peters 3:42
Bethlehem Paul Peters 3:37
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) Paul Peters 4:21
Hiding Place Chico Holiday 3:33
Wings of Eagles Chico Holiday 4:26
Greater Is He Chico Holiday 2:57
Jessie Taylor Chico Holiday 4:16
Bethlehem Chico Holiday 3:32
Just a Closer Walk With Thee Chico Holiday 3:19
Wings of a Dove Chico Holiday 3:31
Amazing Grace/Yesterday Chico Holiday 4:34
Higher Ground Chico Holiday 4:38
Through it All Chico Holiday 4:21
I Have Returned Chico Holiday 6:20
God Gave the Song Chico Holiday 5:05
The Law of the Lord Chico Holiday 3:45
All Water of Life Songs (.zip file) Water of Life Music Ministers  
By This I Know - Worship Terry and Kathy Mai 36:42
Awake - Worship Terry and Kathy Mai 36:42
Behold I Am the Lord - Worship Terry and Kathy Mai 36:14
You Are a Chosen Generation - Worship Terry and Kathy Mai 36:44
O Clap Your Hands - Worship Terry and Kathy Mai 35:58
Make a Joyful Noise - Worship Terry and Kathy Mai 37:35
We Are Able - Worship Terry and Kathy Mai 36:08
All Water of Life Boys Songs - 2012 (.zip file) Water of Life Boys  
All Mai Girls Songs (.zip file) Mai Girls  
All Water of Life Quartet Songs (.zip file) Water of Life Quartet  
All Terre and the Browns Songs (.zip file) Terre and the Browns  
All Terre Brown Songs (.zip file) Terre Brown  
All Paul Peters Songs (.zip file) Paul Peters  
All Brown Brothers Songs (.zip file) Brown Brothers  
All Water of Life Sweet 16 Songs (.zip file) Water of Life Sweet 16
All Terry and Kathy Mai Songs (.zip file) Terry and Kathy Mai  
All Kathy Mai Songs (.zip file) Kathy Mai  
All Chico Holiday Songs (.zip file) Chico Holiday  
By This I Know Water of Life Singers 58:36
Put on the Garment Water of Life Singers 1:05:11
Praise and Worship: Alleluia Terry and Kathy Mai 30:12
Excellent Worship Songs Terry and Kathy Mai 1:02:42

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