What The Spirit of God Is Saying to Me Today

Posted July 13, 2007


The Spirit of the Lord is showing me that it is right for me to remain in the United States and continue as I have for more than 30 years praying for Israel here. I have believed for a long time that some of my prosperity was because of my love for Israel and praying for the peace of Jerusalem. I was called into the ministry at the Garden Tomb in June 1974 and two nights later did my first public speaking at Christ Church in Jerusalem.


I knew it was the will of God for me to go to Israel in June of this year, and God showed me it was his honor to send me back at that time. As most of you know I was in Israel from June 13th-20th and God made sure that I went to the Garden Tomb and I ended up at Christ Church without knowing where I was going. During my time there, God spoke to me about specific things. I was prepared to return to Israel every month to pray for Israel, as I had prayed for the United States in the 48 mainland states in an eleven and a half month period. However, it seems to me that God is saying this is not the time to do that. When God directed me to go to Israel, I did not really want to take on that obligation at this present time because of two personal needs in my life: one to get Lisa home and two to get some dental work done. God had told me to not go back to the dentist and I haven't and I won't, but I know that God will restore my mouth completely. I also know that God will bring Lisa home. I am absolutely contented to remain here in Plano praying and ministering on television and Internet until I overcome and get Lisa home and my dental work done.


It is in my heart, and I believe it is put there by the Spirit of God, to pray for rain in Israel.


I have been invited to Africa in January and April 2008 by Ezekiel Guti, but I am not sure that I will go. Ezekiel Guti and I were in the Garden Tomb at the same time in June 1984 and neither one of us knew who each other was. We then met minutes after we exited the tomb. Ezekiel and I both know that there is something about that divine appointment that put us together at that tomb, but neither one of us know what that is.



God bless you,


Doyle Davidson



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