The Tribe of Joseph

Posted April 22, 2020

(originally posted 10/1/2016 on Facebook)


October 1, 2016 an angel of the Lord visited me while I was eating dinner and told me I was of the Tribe of Joseph. I posted the following account of the visitation later that evening:

“For about 30 minutes this evening an angel of the Lord visited me telling me that I was of the Tribe of Joseph. (I couldn’t see him but I know it was the voice of an angel.) I wrestled with this angel saying, “No, that cannot be…No, that cannot be, No, that cannot be.” That went on for quite a while. My heart was fixed toward the angel saying, “No, this cannot be!” or “How can this be?” I was strong against it, about being of the Tribe of Joseph. I have a witness that I will reveal later who heard the conversation. My witness will tell you how strong with my words I resisted with the words, “No, this cannot be.” I said it over and over and over. I was strongly opposing the angel telling me I was of the Tribe of Joseph. I would say, “How can this be” or “This cannot be.” Finally, the angel began to wear me down. I could not understand how I could be of the Tribe of Joseph. I continued to be strong against this angel, “How can this possibly be?” All along thinking I will not be deceived. My faith was strong. I would not be deceived. My witness heard me talking several times saying, “No, this cannot be.” I was talking out loud. I just was not going to be deceived. Finally, my will began to weaken, and I could tell in my heart that this was an angel talking to me. I was not going to be deceived. I finally started getting comfortable in my heart that this was an angel talking. After the thirty minutes I started accepting what I was hearing. This was an incredible visit of an angel of God to me.”

Terre Brown who was with me at dinner that night, joined me on set a few days later to relate what she witnessed that evening as the angel of the Lord was convincing me and you can listen to the account at this link: A Visitation From an Angel of the Lord – Tribe of Joseph

In September 1987, I was jogging on a road in Fairview, Texas. There was a lady parked on that road that I knew, and I waved to her as I went by. She yelled at me and said, "I want a hug." I said, "I don't have time." God said to me, "You have time." I humbled myself, turned, and jogged back to her car. As I gave her a hug the spirit of prophecy came up in my spirit. The prophecy was,

"As Joseph's brothers sold him into bondage, so have your brothers and sisters put you into bondage, but there is coming a great deliverance."

I knew that prophecy was for me. Psalm 105 talks of Joseph's bondage and in verse 19 it states, "Until the time that his word came: the word of the Lord tried him." There was an awareness that I was moving into a period of trial like I had never experienced in my life, and that I would have to humble myself to ever be led out of the bondage that God spoke of. By then I had learned that humility is taking up your cross daily and following the voice of the Lord Jesus.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

kc (originally posted 10/1/2016 on Facebook)



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