Following is an email received the morning of July 23, 2009.


God bless you,


Doyle Davidson



"Hi Doyle,

After last night's internet broadcast, I decided I would fulfill a desire I had that began the night after Terry went to heaven, which was to share with you some experiences I had with Terry.  Hearing you, Kathie and Kathy share last night was enough to break down my inhibitions and write to you, especially in light of an experience I had earlier in the day. Terry and I spoke just a few times, but his life impacted mine.  I regarded--and felt--him to be a friend, and I know I appreciate his life and ministry now more than I ever did when he was with us.  I remember one Saturday a number of years ago when he was ministering up here at the So. Hills Marriott.  I and my family took separate vehicles, as for some reason--work, I suppose--I wouldn't be able to make the meeting on time.  About 20 minutes after it started, I arrived, and as I approached the meeting room, I could hear Terry speaking.  With the door situated in the back of the room, what chance I had of going in quietly Terry ruined.  When I entered, he stopped talking, looked at me across the room with his huge smile, and said with that big voice, "Hello, Doug!" in front of all those people. I'll never forget that. Here was this servant of God taking moments out a meeting he was sent to conduct to greet me personally--when I was LATE.  I was humbled by that, and I thank God for it.  And, oh, he had a terrific smile.  Another time he had ministered in Anderson, MO, at Curt's house, and we were all talking informally after the meeting.  I had a chance to chat with him, and, since at that time Anthony was holding meetings in Parsons, we got onto the subject of Kansas, where he related he was born and raised.  I asked him where, and when he said Russell, I asked if that town was anywhere close to a map dot called Dorrence (Dorrence is 20 miles east of Russell off I-70).  We lived in Dorrence when I was born, in 1964, and Terry actually lived there and went to grade school in Dorrence 7-8 years prior.  That was interesting that Terry and I had this in common.  I had already noticed some similarities in our personalities, and of course we were both musicians: he a singer, I a player on instruments.  And I'll tell you, Terry is not easy to sing with.  You have rightly observed his remarkable enunciation in his phrasing as he would sing; but what I have thought even more extraordinary was his unbelievable respiratory capacity: he could sing an entire phrase with one breath, where I'm sucking air halfway through.  I'll bet most of us didn't realize what great singing ability he had until we started singing with him.  And I wrote an email to Terry once the evening of the day Anthony and Misty first visited you all in Plano, and told him how that during the meeting that day--a Saturday or Sunday--watching you, Terry, Anthony, and maybe Basil also, walking around the sanctuary praying, people being set free by the gospel, God gave me a distinct revelation of John 3:16.  I told him in the email how crazy it seemed to me to be sharing with him that after all the years of being taught John 3:16, I had just now received a revelation of it.  He wrote back, saying how glad he was to hear that, and praised God for it.   Now I want to share with you what happened to me yesterday afternoon.  I was mowing the grass on a lot belonging to the property management company on whose land we also live, and I was thinking about Terry.  As I worked (this was about 3:30 p.m.), I thought, "I wonder what Terry is doing now."  Into my heart came the very passage from Revelation 6 that Kathie shared last night.  Obviously, I was encouraged to hear you and Kathie ministering the very Scriptures that the Spirit of God had shown me just hours before.  Terry was surely your friend, and I've written these things to show you how he was my friend as well, though not nearly what he was to you, of course.  But I loved Terry, and rejoice that he was a friend of Jesus, who said, "You are my friends if you do whatsoever I command you."  Terry did.  God bless you, and we'll see you Saturday."



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