God Continues to Purify My Soul

Posted August 1, 2008


Twenty years or more ago, God told me that I was not hard enough to deal with his preachers, and he was going to harden me. I did not like that at all. I understand that now to mean, "I am going to strengthen your soul." Since 2003, there has been a great strengthening of my soul by purifying my emotions, by obeying the truth through the Spirit. (I Peter 1:22) It certainly required my soul to be strengthened when Lisa denied that she was my wife, called the Plano Police and lied to them, and then they lied on their report. When Dena Schlosser severed her daughter's arms with a butcher knife, there was a great attack against me through the press, television and radio, as well as many citizens.


A recent attack came against me when some silly woman called Plano 911 and apparently told them that she was my daughter, and that I hung up on her and I would not answer the telephone. (You need to get a copy of Plano 911's recording to know the truth.) She is not my daughter. I had not even been aware that I had ever talked to this woman until 2:26 a.m. on July 31st according to my caller ID, and that was after the Plano Police had left my house. My telephone rang repeatedly earlier before midnight on July 30th, and after midnight on July 31st. I wanted to go to sleep, and I unplugged the phone in my bedroom. Some time after that, I heard someone ring my doorbell, and it woke me up. The second time they rang it, I thought have these crazy people come to my house. I then heard a strong knock on my front door. At that juncture, I got out of bed, put on some blue jeans, socks, and my shoes. I was going downstairs, and I wasn't sure what I was going to confront. Before I went downstairs, I checked my video camera. I saw a man walking east at my front door. By the time I got downstairs, another loud knock came on my front door three or four times perhaps. (In hindsight, I believe those police would have broken my door down to get into my house, if I had not come to the door.) When I got to the door, I turned the lock with my left hand, and I put my left hand on the knob, my right hand on the light, and opened the door at the same time I turned the light on. There I saw two uniformed men staring at me, and I said, "What wickedness is this?" They said, "Your daughter has called us saying you won't talk to her, and she has asked us to check on you." I said, "Well who are you?" They said, "We are Plano Police officers." Further discussion went on, and then I found there was a female officer standing behind the column behind them. It was very simple for me to see by the way they had positioned themselves, they were expecting me to try and do them some harm. It was apparent to me that they were ready to harm me. After several minutes of discussion, the officer that was standing in the middle of my sidewalk looked at the one standing right next to my left shoulder and said, "I think we are done here." The one standing at my left shoulder wasn't ready to leave, but they did. I have about nine minutes of video that I am posting on my web site, as soon as we get the software to do so.


Updated 8:20PM


The software came, and here are the videos:



I feel sorrow in my soul, and that sorrow is not of God, that these people can deceive these police officers so easily to get them to lie and believe a lie. God is using these situations to purify my soul by removing sorrow from it, which is a worldly sorrow.



God bless you,


Doyle Davidson



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