The Fellowship of His Sufferings

Posted January 1, 2010


I am entering a new period in my life. As I reflect over the past 40 years, the most difficult times were the last six, 2004 through 2009. The power of darkness hit my ministry beginning in September of 2004 with the false arrest by the Plano police. The darkness reached a new depth when two months later, in November, Dina Schlosser severed her daughter’s arms from her body with a butcher knife, causing the death of the child. Dina Schlosser had periodically attended Water of Life Church. The Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, The Dallas Observer, along with many other print media made a deliberate attempt to destroy me, my ministry, and those associated with me. Joining them, the television and radio newscasters and talk show hosts used their position to report falsehoods with a clear intent of the destruction of my ministry and me. Wicked men and women wrote letters to members of Water of Life Church defaming me and defaming them for staying with me. Their ridiculous calls made to the Plano police about me led to the apparent tapping of my telephone by the police.


While on the witness stand at the Schlosser trial the media, theologians, lawyers, and psychiatrists pressed on me, attempting to prove I had some blame in Dina killing her child. (Which was absurd!) Amy Morenz, staff writer for the Plano Star, best summed up my appearance on the witness stand with her statement, “Davidson at 73 was a dominant presence in the courtroom with his gravely voice and his scriptural references.”


Later, one evening as I finished a one-hour live streaming program, two policemen came to the church to speak to me. They had received a call from Los Vegas, Nevada stating that on my live broadcast I had said I was going to take my own life and others at Water of Life also. Of the two uniformed officers the female was the spokesperson. As she related her information concerning the phone call, I turned to the male officer and said, “Do I look like I am about to take my life?” He replied, “No, sir” and they left.


I overcame another great power when three Plano police came to my house in the middle of the night and knocked on my door. I dressed and went downstairs. As I opened the door, there stood three officers, one hiding behind the brick post. I spoke out, “What wickedness is this?” One of the officers said that a women identifying herself as my daughter, asked them to come check on me because I would not answer my phone. They then gave me a name which I was slightly familiar with as the caller. But as they were standing there, the second officer spoke my real daughter’s name. I immediately saw their confusion and didn’t answer one more thing they asked me. I have video of them outside of my house and their departure. Right after they left I received a phone call from this same women who had identified herself as my daughter to Plano 911. When I answered that phone, I immediately dialed 911 on my cell phone asking the operator to listen and put the phones together so the officer could hear the women talk. I could not believe the operator’s arrogance when she said to me “Have you called your daughter?” I replied, “Lady, she is not my daughter, do you get it?” A couple of days later this woman was taken to a mental hospital. That seemed to end the harassment coming from the Plano Police Department.


These attacks on my ministry caused the loss of millions of dollars for the church, eight hundred thousand in one year alone. It also saw the departure of many of our members who could not stand during these dark hours. God has said, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord” (That includes my attackers and me).


It seemed to all collimate in 2009 with the passing of Terry Mai, my long time friend, son-in-law, fellow apostle, worship leader, music director and soloist. As with the other dark periods, I fought through it. With the grace of God, out of it came the ministry of the Mai’s, the Water of Life Boys, the Water of Life Dancers, and certain men that girded up their loins and demonstrated some strength. Another very important moment in my life came this year when Kathie and I got our marriage license and she joined me on the television programs as a prophetess.


Those times are over and I am now moving forward. I am re-establishing my national television ministry beginning with Dallas this week, Phoenix next week, and more stations to come. I want to give thanks to God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and all the people of Water of Life throughout the world who have stood with me through these trying times. I am leaving behind those past years and pressing to the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus. It should be clear to anyone with eyes and ears that God has caused me to triumph in His praises throughout these years.


God bless you,


Doyle Davidson



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