God's Faithfulness to Me

Posted May 16, 2009


The day was November 29, 2008 at 9:00 in the evening when the Lord spoke to me to call a woman that had been with my ministry for twenty four and a half years and was a witness to many of my temptations. She had remained faithful to the words of the Lord Jesus Christ that I had spoken to her and others for all those years.

For I have been praying earnestly many years for my ministry and those that have been associated with it. I had watched many fall away because of the hardness of their heart. I had watched a wife that God gave me in August 1987 believe lies, follow the liar, and live with him. I had seen America reject John McCain, a man God desired to become president and instead elect a man that lied and made promises he could never keep. (The Lord told me this.) In October I began praying with Terry Mai, who had sever pains in his abdomen and at times difficultly breathing.

It appeared these problems were overpowering when the Lord spoke to me to call Kathie. I searched in my office desk at home and found her home number. When I made the call I heard her voice say “Hello, this is Kathie.” I identified myself and made a statement to her that most certainly God had put in my spirit. She made no response. I asked her a question. Her response then was “yes”. I requested to talk to her the next morning in my office. She met with me and after a brief exchange of words, God began working in her heart.

After that conversation Sunday morning, I was certain God had spoken to me and was bringing Kathie into my house to become my wife. I continued to pray fervently and on Wednesday morning I received a very encouraging telephone call from her. (God was at work.) In the days following we continued to talk on the telephone and I would see her every night at the Water of Life Church services. Then suddenly on December 16th, God sent an ice storm and cancelled her school classes where she was a teacher. She called and informed me her duties had been cancelled for the day. I requested she come to the house. That day, God joined her and me together as husband and wife. It was on my dad’s birthday. He went to heaven in 1996, but had he been alive he would have been 101 years old. Since that day, two other important events have taken place in my life. Terry Mai has gone to heaven and God has brought to my attention the origin of the Davidson name. Much has come forth concerning my genealogy, and as God has promised, the Davidson name will now continue.

God continues to lead Kathie and me in paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.



God bless you,


Doyle Davidson



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