Selected Excerpts on American History


Pilgrim Beginnings Part 1
Pilgrim Beginnings Part 2
Thomas Morton & Merrymount
(16m52s - recorded 1/30/10)
(10m30s - recorded 1/30/10)
(9m46s - recorded 1/31/10)
Indian Plague & "Warning"
Winslow's Account of Natives
The Isles wait for His law...
(10m41s - recorded 2/1/10)
(18m40s - recorded 2/2/10)
(19m7s - recorded 2/3/10)
Dutch Plot against the Pilgrims
Pilgrims and Puritans
Declaration of Independence
(13m43s - recorded 2/7/10)
(7m7s - recorded 2/7/10) (23m9s - recorded 2/28/10)
Robinson's Council to the Pilgrims
Revolutionary War
(3m28s - recorded 3/7/10)
(21m13s - recorded 3/21/10)  




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